Created at Binpar - 2020

Role - UI/UX + Front End Design

Client - IE University

Industry - Education

Tools - Sketch - React

This landing was created for IE University’s economics and politics faculty.

The mission was to get more engagement and interest from the students in the case studies, since their content was quite dense, we looked for a way to make it more visual.

This particular case study was based on the creation of a constitutional law reform in a fictitious country called “Lalaland”, divided into 6 chapters, each of which ended with a short quiz, the results of which could be downloaded, and successively be discussed in class.

We’ve created a pretty modern and eye-catching brand identity for the country, the navigation had parallax effect, we’ve used animations of the shapes as the user scrolled down, and a scroll lock when the user reached the end of a chapter to ensure the fulfillment of each quiz.

And of course, the web was fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile, it also was tested on the most common browsers.


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