Stefany Fernández

Hey! I’m Stefany,nice tosee you.

My name is Stefany Fernández.

I’m a 29 year old designer from Venezuela living in Madrid (I'm also Spanish). Designing is my biggest passion, I like to create experiences that make people’s lives more enjoyable and easy.

I focus on UX / UI, branding, editorial and package design, I also love to travel, eat and make some lettering on my free hours (yes, they exist sometimes).

I always try to improve and get to know myself more as a designer and have fun while I’m on it. My inspirations come from exploring different styles of design and finding ideas everywhere.

I like to say that I am very organized and structured when it comes to my work. I also have an eye for details and that if I don’t know something I’m one of those who may be curious to learn everything about it.

At this point I think you’re probably wondering the meaning of LaLolita and it’s pretty simple, my cat’s name is Lola, and I’ve always liked her diminutive “Lolita” so when I was thinking of create my own brand, her name came up so quickly in my mind that I had to use it.

You could also find my other cat Paco wandering around here and there doing some mischief.

Now let’s get down to the rabbit hole ;)


Nov 2016 / Present

Team Lead Designer
Binpar Digital Ignition

Jul 2015 / Nov 2016

Web Designer
Quodem Consultores

Feb 2014 / Jul 2015

Jr. Art Director
La Web Mercadeo Interactivo

Jun 2014 / Nov 2015

Packaging Designer
Casa Moller USA


Jan 2022 / Present

Editorial Design - Online Master
La Hauss

Mar 2019 / Jun 2019

Interior Design Course
Mindway Liberal Studies

2013 / 2014

Web Design Diploma
Centro de Diseño Digital

2009 / 2012

Graphic Design Degree
Instituto de Diseño de Caracas


  • Bran
  • Packa
  • Edito
  • Lette
  • UI
    + UX
  • Front


  • Adobe CC
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Invision
  • Procreate
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Typescript
  • React
  • React Native

& More because I’m a quick learner