Dr. Q.

Created at Binpar - 2019

Role - UI/UX + Front End Design

Client - Editorial Médica Panamericana

Industry - Medicine

Tools - Sketch - React Native

This app was a quiz game created for medicine students, offered by Editorial Médica Panamericana. Every week the competition went live and the winner was the last one standing. Sometimes the users could win prizes.

The mission was to get more leads and potential clients, generate a social community and encourage competition between universities.

We’ve used the brand’s colors giving them a little touch of brightness, we’ve also designed a logo for the game and used blobs for the main graphic elements.

The main challenge was to get all kinds of questions, with or without images, and their respective answers, in a way were the user could select the correct one without wasting time. The solution was to have the question and its images inside a scroll, and have the possible answers fixed below, represented with a letter and showing the respective option when the user pressed it.

Doctor Q Screens
Doctor Q Screens
Doctor Q Logo
Doctor Q Graphics

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